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Recommended reading about Pierre Trudeau, the former Prime Minister of Canada. He wore sandals in the House of Commons, dated celebrities such as Barbra Streisand, Kim Cattrall, Liona Boyd, and Margot Kidder, occasionally used obscenities to insult his opponents, and once did a pirouette behind the back of Queen Elizabeth II. As prime minister, he patriated the Canadian Constitution from the British Parliament to Canada and incorporated in it the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Not all books and resources are created equal! Listed below are a few of the best sources about Pierre Trudeau.

Memoirs by Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Editorial Review: Pierre Trudeau in his own words. As if he were sitting across the table from you, Pierre Trudeau reminisces about his life in an informal, direct way. He starts with his memories of his family, especially his mother and father, to whom the book is dedicated. There are memorable events from childhood here, such as a visit to complain to the principal on his second day at school. Later there is a lunchroom encounter with a high school bully and then, at the age of fifteen, real tragedy.

"Aroused by the ringing of the telephone, I came out of my room to go downstairs and find out what was happening. But I froze on the landing when I heard the awful words: ĎYour father is dead, Pierre."

A terrific read, with an intimate, insightful look at the life of Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau: Reason Before Passion
Pierre Elliot Trudeau: Reason Before Passion
Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Reason Before Passion traces Trudeauís privileged Quebecois childhood to his life at 24 Sussex, and afterward. The book focuses on his presence in both the public and political arena, but also contains images of the private side many never saw. A bibliography and numerous pictures spanning Trudeauís life round out the volume.

Memoirs of a very civil servant: Mackenzie King to Pierre Trudeau
Memoirs of a very civil servant: Mackenzie King to Pierre Trudeau

Gordon Robertson has written no ordinary memoir. Along with the key events and personalities of his day he describes the development of his own ideas about the nature of Canada and its constitutional future. The result is a significant historical document, one that brings much insight to the history of post-war Canada.

Born in Saskatchewan in 1917, Gordon Robertson worked at the centre of government power from 1945 until his retirement in 1979. He worked directly with Prime Ministers King, St-Laurent, Pearson, and Trudeau, serving as senior advisor to the latter two. Commissioner of the Northwest Territories from 1953 to 1963, he also became the first Deputy Minister of the new Department of Northern Affairs under Jean Lesage. In this memoir he presents a first-hand account of the events and personalities that shaped Canada during the critical post-war period. --Editorial Review

Against the Current: Selected Writings, 1939-1996
by Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Reader Review: A must-read for any student of Pierre Trudeau. An incredible insight of the man who has dominated Canadian politics for nearly fifty years.

Essential Trudeau
Years after his stint as prime minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau is still remembered as the wittiest and most astute leader Canada has ever had. Carefully edited by veteran journalist Ron Graham, The Essential Trudeau presents Trudeau's thoughts on a variety of themes - from democracy and nationalism to free enterprise and federalism - in a systematic, easy-to-read form. This is not the first published collection of Trudeau's writing, but its breadth and brevity make it the one you can't be without.

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Trudeau Albums
Trudeau Albums
by Peter Gzowski, Et Al Richler

A superb book that is a must read for anyone interested in the life and history of Pierre Trudeau.

Trudeau Albums mixes original observations from six prominent writers including Peter Gzowski, Mordecai Richler, historian Jack Granatstein, Trudeauís former press secretary Alison Gordon and others. Filled with hundreds of striking colour and black and white images, the book delivers a compelling visual biography of Canadaís most popular prime minister

Chronologically arranged into six "albums," the text explores the illustrious life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau. It examines his emergence through the ranks of the Canadian political system, his achievements during 12 years as the nationís leader, his highly publicized courtship of Margaret Sinclair, their turbulent marriage and, as well, the tragic loss of their son Michel.

While offering judicious insights into our nationís interest in all things Trudeau, Trudeau Albums is a profound pictorial study of this remarkable leaderís style, intellect and charisma.

Towards a Just Society book review. The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Years
Towards a Just Society: The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Years

Canadian politics is apocalyptic--every major question seems to threaten the actual existence of the country: Quebec nationalism, the growth of provincial power, Western disaffection, U.S. relations. Also, Canada's locus of power is centralized in the Ontario-Quebec axis, unlike in the U.S., where power tends to reside on the two coasts. Trudeau understood these realities. For him, a "just" society is one that offers "equality of opportunity" to every citizen, and all his economic and language policies grew out of this view, including his arguments against Quebec nationalism. -- --Mark Frutkin

Trudeau's Shadow: The Life and Legacy of Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Trudeau's Shadow: The Life and Legacy of Pierre Elliott Trudeau

He's the man who changed the face of Canadian politics - and made them sexy. Readers can look back at the impact this dynamic leader had on Canadian politics and culture. Trudeau's Shadow is a collection of 23 original essays that offer a fresh perspective on the life and legacy of our country's 15th prime minister.

Close to the charisma: My years between the press and Pierre Elliott Trudeau
by Patrick Gossage

About the Author: One of Canada's most highly respected public relations practitioners, Patrick draws on years of experience, including serving as the prime minister's press secretary, he provides strategic communications advice and media training to numerous private and public sector clients.

Following his high-profile tenure from 1976 to 1982 as Press Secretary to Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Patrick spent three years as Minister, Information at the Canadian Embassy in Washington.

Patrick provides personalized media coaching, communications advice and presentation training to many of Canada's top executives and best-known politicians. He has given counsel to numerous Federal Cabinet Ministers. He has prepared national and provincial party leaders for televised debates. Patrick is a regular political panelist on CBC Newsworld's Politics, ROBtv's The Bottom Line and is frequently called upon by numerous other radio and TV programs for his views on political and communications issues.

From Wikipedia.:
Pierre Memorabilia, AuctionsCanada is a constitutional monarchy as a Commonwealth Realm (see Monarchy in Canada) with a federal system of parliamentary government, and strong democratic traditions. Many of the country's legislative practices derive from the unwritten British constitution. In that context the executive tends to apply strict party discipline on members of its party, with the net effect of seriously diminishing the influence of its own backbenchers and opposition parties alike. This effect is exacerbated in Canada by the practice of having party leaders elected by the party at large rather than by the parliamentary caucus. However Canada has evolved its own set of rules. Party discipline in Canada is stronger than in the United Kingdom, and more of the votes are considered confidence votes.

This situation, where much power is held in the hands of the Prime Minister, has been characterized by Paul Martin as a "democratic deficit". The situation may be contrasted with the written constitutional provisions of its American neighbour that provide for the separate elections of a president and a legislature.

The political system under which Canada operates was first set forth by the Constitution Act 1867 (formerly called the British North America Act 1867), a statute of the British Parliament and is modeled on the Westminster System. An effect of this was that any amendments to Canada's constitution required the approval of the British Parliament. Over time, and particularly after World War I, citizens of the self-governing "dominions" (including Canada, Australia, Ireland, Dominion of Newfoundland, South Africa, and New Zealand) began to develop a strong sense of identity, and in the Balfour Declaration, 1926, the British government expressed its intent to grant full autonomy to these dominions. Thus in 1931 the British Parliament passed the Statute of Westminster giving legal recognition to the autonomy of Canada and the other "white" dominions. The British Parliament retained its power to amend the Canadian Constitution. This was an improvement, but still unacceptable for many Canadians even as this power was only treated as a formality. However, political partisanship and the inability to obtain consensus on an amending process led to the status quo remaining in effect until 1982.

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