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Pierre Trudeau, 1919 - 2000.

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Canada has lost its philosopher king.

Rarely have Canadians seen a person who blended intellect, humour and courage into one character.

Although he has passed on from the world of the living, his legacy will live on in his laws and ideas and his vision of a united, tolerant and progressive Canada. Canadians were truly privileged to have had such a leader to lay the foundation for Canada's future in the 21st century.

On behalf of me and my family, we send our heartfelt condolences to Mr. Trudeau's family.

I grew up during the "Trudeau" years. Although I do not understand,and who does,the full complexity of politics,I feel that he was a true leader in the very essence of the word. We Canadians are in his debt. I am proud to be a Canadian, we love him and we will never forget him

Today is a very sad day for all Canadians. Personally, I feel the same way today as I felt when one of my favourite high school teachers passed away in the early 80s. Mr. Trudeau was an excellent teacher, and a great leader; he inspired thought, integrity, dedication, hard work and an incredible strength of conviction in all Canadians.

I am positive Canada has lost one of its strongest political leaders. Well, in my opinion Mr. Trudeau is the most important Prime Minister our country has ever known. In fact, I am very hard pressed to name a more intellectual passionate Canadian politician who has contributed more to his country than Pierre Elliott Trudeau has.

Who will stand up for Canada now?
Steve, Ontario

It is only now, in his passing, that I realize his influence on how I perceive myself as a Canadian. I was fortunate enough to be born in a time that the leader of my vast country embellished the idea of looking beyond the sins of the past and attempted to unite the great peoples of a great land.

LAMENT FOR A GREAT CANADIAN: It is not hard for me to forget a man with whom every year I shared the same birthdate,October 18th. As a young boy growing up in Quebec,I remember feeling how proud, that I shared the same birthday as our beloved Prime Minister. This year will be an exception! How could I forget the man who invoked fire and passion in an otherwise placid and benign political atmosphere. A man who had the courage to stand up against political and civil unrest during the October Crisis. A man who envisioned and pioneered the Charter of Rights and freedoms for all Canadians from an otherwise lame and non binding Federal Statute, "Bill of Rights". A man who challenged the separatist movement and stood for a strong united Canada. A man who championed and placed Canada on the world stage with the repatriation of the BNA Act and gave Canada its very own Constitution. A man who continued to serve home and abroad,even after his political career at home had come to an end. Mr. Trudeau helped shape a nation that I was fortunate enough to grow up with. And along the way he gave me, and Canada,a sense of pride to be Canadian. I fear we may not have another statesman or prime minister of this magnitude for some time to come-probably never! You will be missed but not forgotten! His love of Canada, I hope will remind us all, just how great this country is and how important it is to keep building upon what he started. Mr. Prime Minister, words can not say enough, Merci Beaucoup et Au Revoir.
Stephen, Canada

Trudeau---the small giant His looks were not impeccable, His policies were not impeccable, His language was definitely not impeccable, His performance was not impeccable, But I grieve this loss. For he taught me that it is not deeds but the intentions which need to be impeccable. His intentions were impeccable... he was a mountain in the desert of politics.... I shall always cherish his faith in Canada and Canadians. The rose on his lapel was indeed a maple leaf curled up.... He taught me dignity.

Mr. Trudeau, had he stayed in power a little longer, might possibly have solidified the idea of "Canadianism". Where those of us in this country stated our nationality as Canadian - rather than Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, German, Iranian Chinese or what have you. We had arrived on the edge of being supremely proud of being purely CANADIAN!

Mr. Trudeau fought for a county full of CANADIANS. Regardless of ethnic background. And he nearly made it.

He inspired me to vote. Period. My privilege - unknown to me as such - which had never before seemed important, because my parents were still involved in the country they had come from. Mr. Trudeau made me stand up and WANT to be counted.

Bless him.

There is no-one to replace him. (With all due respect to (a very close) Mr. Chretien for whom I have the greatest respect and liking.)

Years after his stint as prime minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau is still remembered as the wittiest and most astute leader Canada has ever had. Carefully edited by veteran journalist Ron Graham, The Essential Trudeau presents Trudeau's thoughts on a variety of themes - from democracy and nationalism to free enterprise and federalism - in a systematic, easy-to-read form. This is not the first published collection of Trudeau's writing, but its breadth and brevity make it the one you can't be without.

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