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Pictures, photographs of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, former prime minister of Canada. Pierre Trudeau is seen by many Canadians as embodying the spirit of his age: youth, ambition, and anti-conformism.
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Pierre Elliot Trudeau Pictures, Photographs
Former Prime Minister of Canada

Trudeau is seen by many as embodying the spirit of his age: youth, ambition, and anti-conformism.

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Pierre Elliot Trudeau

While Pierre Trudeau had no viable political opposition in Quebec in his time at the federal level (for instance, his Liberal party captured 74 out of 75 Quebec seats in the 1980 federal election), Quebecers characteristically hedged their bets by twice electing the diametrically opposed, pro-sovereignty Parti Québécois at the provincial level (note that at the time there was no pro-sovereignty federal party like today's Bloc Québécois). Thus his legacy within Quebec is somewhat mixed, and he is seen by many Quebecers, particularly in the media, academic and political establishments as a vendu (sell out). While his reputation has grown in English Canada since his retirement in 1984, it has diminished in Quebec

Pierre Trudeau

Nevertheless, Trudeau is well regarded by many Canadians. The passage of time has softened some of the strong antipathy he inspired among his opponents, although the naming of the airport after him still generated some controversy.

The right honorable Pierre Elliot Trudeau. 1919-2000

Trudeau is seen by many as embodying the spirit of his age: youth, ambition, and anti-conformism. His energy, charisma, and confidence as prime minister are often cited as reasons for his popularity even though a large number of Canadians disapproved of his policies. The outpouring of grief across the country when he died demonstrated his profound impact on the Canadian consciousness.

However, Trudeau remains an endearing figure to Canadians. The Canadian news agency, Canadian Press, named Trudeau newsmaker of the year 10 times, including a posthumous award in 2000.

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From CBC's The Greatest Canadian

A long walk in the snow
Despite his Constitution glory, Trudeau was, for the first time, no longer fashionable. Unemployment was on the rise, inflation was still high, the deficit still huge and Trudeau introduced a National Energy Program that was widely loathed.

Pierre Memorabilia, Auctions In his final years as prime minister, Trudeau devoted his energies to global matters, launching his own peace initiative in 1983. He paid personal visits to leaders worldwide, urging them to reduce their production of nuclear weapons.

Following what he described as a "long walk in the snow," Trudeau made a decision. He announced his resignation from politics in February 1984.

Though he left the public eye, he was not forgotten. Whenever Trudeau chose to speak publicly about an issue, Canadians still listened intently. In fact, many feel it was Trudeau's harsh condemnations that eventually helped to sink Brian Mulroney's proposed Meech Lake (1987) and Charlottetown (1992) Accords.

In his final years, Trudeau practiced at a Montreal law firm and spent time writing his memoirs. When his son, Michel, died in an avalanche in 1998, the already ailing Trudeau looked frail and defeated.

He succumbed to prostate cancer on September 28, 2000, and the unprecedented public outpouring of grief that followed proved that no matter whether they loved or hated him, Canadians never grew tired of watching Trudeau.

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